Mmmbop (Album)
.Hanson - Mmmbop Tracklisting:

1. Day Has Come
2. Thinking of You
3. Two Tears
4. Stories
5. River
6. Surely as the Sun
7. Something New
8. MMMBop
9. Soldier
10. Pictures
11. Incredible
12. With You in Your Dreams
13. Sometimes
14. Baby (You’re So Fine)
15. MMMBop (Long version)

Label: Hanson Music
Catalogue: –NONE–
Released: May 17, 1996

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Notes: This is Hanson’s second pre-fame release and hasn’t been available for many years. The album was only available at shows and through mail order. It features early versions of ‘Mmmbop’ and ‘With You in Your Dreams’ which was released on their first commercial album, Middle of Nowhere, on Mercury Records in 1997.